What’s all this about?

I’m starting this blog because I want to discuss what it means to live the environmental cause.  I was inspired to start a discussion upon applying for a position at Greenpeace. (which I got!) I want to use the resources I have there, and access to information (and a professional responsibility to learn that information) and share it here with you!  But I also want this to be a discussion–I am by no means perfect, and I’m certain that there are things that my readers have to offer that I cannot.  I seek to learn from you.

Now that that’s done, I’m really excited to start my job with Greenpeace, and in my excitement I’ve once again had to struggle with my own consumerism.  And to make matters worse, my dog got hit by a car today. He’s ok, thus far–it looks like he’s going to pull through.  But now I feel guilty for not spending more time training him and teaching him that the road is dangerous and I’m struggling to resist the temptation to buy him a bunch of crap that’s just going to be in a landfill eventually. (I did sign him up for obedience training. Didn’t struggle with that part.)  I think that above anything else, consumerism is my greatest weakness when it comes to living this cause.  I look forward to finding new ways to resist consumerism and learn other ways to live more greenly.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue calling the emergency vet office every 4 hours and see how my baby is doing.